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Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

The owner is continuously baffled when they buy a new and cool toy from their cat. But why do cats love boxes? Keep reading and to find out why they loved it.

It is a well-known fact that cats love boxes. Therefore no toy in the world, no matter how costly or elegant it may be, is compared to a simple cardboard box. In this article, you’ll learn why cats love boxes and why they make the perfect place to sleep and hunting ground for your cat.

Why do cats love boxes?

There are many reasons why cats love boxes, but the main reason is that they’re enclosed and confined spaces. Cats are ambushed predators and finding limited places where they can feel safe, hide and warm is an instinctive behavior. Do you know how long can you leave a cat alone?

  1. Cats are curious

It is not surprising that cats are extremely curious creatures, so making a beeline to investigate every time you buy something new. Not only does the smell different from the new item, but your cat is also inquisitive to get what’s the purpose of the new item is in their house. When buying a boxed item, don’t be surprised to see your cat rubbing around it and looking great!

  1. Boxes are safe

Cats love spending time in cardboard boxes to get comfort and safety from the enclosed spaces. Cats use the box as a hiding place, where predators can’t sneak up from the side or behind.

Cats love the boxes because they help to less and reduce the stress and provide a safe place for your cat they can be observed and not be seen. This is ideal for cats because their response to stressful situations is often to run and hide. Cats prefer to hide from their problems because they don’t have a built-in conflict resolution strategy.

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