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The Top 10 Smartest Cat Breeds In The World

ats are good at figuring out for themselves, especially cats on this list of the smartest cat breeds in all around the world!

Cats are naturally curious and a great explorers. It is not uncommon for a cat to have more fun with the packaging in which its toy is delivered than with actual toys. It is parallel to the way children learn and play by experimenting and exercising their imaginations. Cats can be entertaining and they are great for discovering new places. If you’re not careful, your cat may be smarter than sometimes.

Here are the some of the smartest cat breeds in all around the world.

  1. Turkish Van Cat

The Turkish Van cat loves to climb, but they are not very graceful. They are vast and clumsy by cat standards and tend to be knock things over, sometimes on purpose, to see what happens.

Judging by the Biblical story of the worldwide flood, the Turkish Van cat is considered to as being a ratter on Noah’s Ark. Having a-lot of water would make the Turkish van an excellent candidate for survival during the flood.

The Turkish Van cat can also learn to do practice tricks, and they have loves of water. Combined with their tendency to fall over, toilet is the unsafe place for the Turkish Van.

But they’re smart enough to drink or play in the water. These breed that exists in nature near Lake Van in Turkey, where the Turkish Van gets its name. That means they are more than able to finding out themselves, and they don’t like to be held.

  1. Japanese Bobtail Cat

Rumor has it that bobtailed cats came to Japan as gifts from the Chinese emperor. For centuries, the Japanese bobtail protected the country’s grain and silkworms from rats, and they were considered as good luck charms.

Japanese bobtails love to play. They are like to play in the water, so aquarium owners should be careful. They’re also enjoy a good challenge from the puzzle.

Japanese bobtail cats are also sit on comfortable knees. Although they don’t like to stay home alone for a long periods of time and they travel easily. So if you plan to leave the home for a while, just bring your bobtail cat friend with you.

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