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How To Teach Your Cat To Use a Cat Door

Some cats will learn how to use cat doors immediately, but some might need patience, praise, and training. Cats are inherently curious so many of them learn to use cat doors easily. However, they might be quite nervous when you suddenly bring new things into your house, and some need to be encouraged prior to using a cat doors comfortably.

Cats often like to go outside and since they are very independent they also like coming and going whenever they want. So therefore, it is good to help them learn how helpful and useful cat doors can be.

The instructing facts of cat to use a cat doors

If the cat is hesitant to use a cat door, you will must be patient and to show him how to use them. You really don’t want them to be stressed out, so don’t just shove them out the door.

Basically, your cat should be shown 2 things:

  1. That the cat’s door has to be pushed open to get in and out.
  2. That they can go outside and inside your home using the cat’s door.

The best way of encouraging hesitant cats is do this it step by step.

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