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10 Easy Ways To Make Your Cat’s Life Amazing

L et’s face it, we all love to spoil our cats in their recent years. Whether you have a kitten, a younger or an older cat, it is good thing to know that the cat is having a happy life. Here are the 10 ways you can spoil your furry feline friend.

  1. Get cat insurance

Cat medical bills may soon mount up. I can’t stress enough how important it is to research and buy a good cat insurance plan as soon as you get a Maine Coon. Don’t leave it until something arises that requires it. For the first time, buying a policy for an older cat can be expensive too. Even if you’re a Maine Coon never comes out, it can still develop illnesses that are expensive to treat.

Expect this to cost about $25 a month. We have been using Petplan for our two Maine Coons for 15 years. They were outstanding every time we had to make a claim and settling each bill fully without any problems.

  1. Help him keep your claws healthy

A lot of cats are attracted to scratching things around the house – usually that you know shouldn’t be scratched at all. You should get several scratching posts and pads to protect your home furniture. It is very important that the cats be permitted to scratch off their claws. The external part that protects their claws and also as a form of physical activity.

As they grow, they mayn’t be able to properly pull in their claws. So therefore you should consider trimming the claws to avoid them from ripping your furniture and clothes.

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