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How to Leave Your Cat Home Alone

W  hether you’re leaving for a few hours or a few days, here are some tips on how to leave your cat alone at home. You want to think about food, water, entertainment, and security. Follow these six steps to leave your cat home alone.

Step 1

Fill the bowls with fresh water. If you are leaving for a long time, you should getting a water fountain.

Step 2

Make sure your cat has enough food. If you know you’re gone for a few hours, you can skip this step and stick to the regular feeding schedule. Cats love the routine. You can follow a feeding schedule if you get a pet food dispenser.

Remember that all devices can malfunction and implement a backup plan.

Step 3

Scoop the litter boxes and make sure there are enough litter boxes for your cat to use when you’re gone.

Step 4

Kitten proof your home. Remove dangerous chemicals, sharp objects, poisonous plants, small toys and plastic bags from your cat’s reach. If there are plastic bags in the trash, be careful to cut both ends of the bag. Make sure there are no dangling wires. Keep the toilet lid closed.

Step 5

Enrich the environment. Scrapers, storage toys, window posts and quiet resting places are a start. You can leave the television or radio on for entertainment. Hiding the food or treats in the house, your cat will be busy when you’re away.

Step 6

Have a play session and make arrangements before going. If someone comes to examine your pet, tell him about your cat’s feeding schedule, your cat’s habits and health. Leave your phone number and emergency contact.

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