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How To Calm a Crazy Kitten

Kittens are cute and curious by nature: that’s why we all fall in love with these little balls of fur as soon as we see them. But what we often forget is that kittens also have an abundance of energy that never seems to give up. Take a deep breath and don’t lose your cool. There are several ways you can calm your kitten down and train the proper cat etiquette in the process.

  • Kitten Companion
  • Kitten Space
  • Appropriate Play
  • Plenty of Attention
  • Cat Trees, Scenery, and Scratching Posts
  • Soothing Music
  • Cooling Down and Warming Up

  • Kitten Companion

Consider adopting another kitten of the same age. That’s way, your kitten has a constant play friend. You become good friends and they can keep another company when you are not at home.

  • Kitten Space

When your kitten is acting up, it’s time to wait in her own kitten friendly space. A small room with little light is the best as it helps you relax and keep it away from other pets, distractions and people. This space needs to be equipped with things that she can play safely, so that she can learn to play alone.

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