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How Long Can You Leave a Cat Alone?

T he time you can leave your cat alone depends on the personality and habits of your pet. Other factors are the environment, age, and their health. Here is an approximate estimate of how long you can leave your kitten alone, depending on her age:

AgeTime Alone
Under 4 months2-4 hours
4-5 months5 Hours
6 months8 Hours
Healthy grown-up cats24-48 hours

Keep in your mind that this is the maximum time you should leave your cat alone at home. After this time, you should ask someone to check up on them. It’s important that your pet has enough food, fresh water and a safe place to sleep. Also remove any sharp objects and poisonous plants.

Leaving a cat alone at night

If your cat is healthy and you can provide a safe environment, leaving a cat alone at night shouldn’t be a big problem. Fresh water, food, and at-least a couple of sandboxes are a must. However, if your cat has health problems, fear or separation anxiety, try to find other options.

If you have a kitten or an adult cat with medical problems, the best solution is to have a pet sitter. The sitter will makes sure that your pet is safe and well cared for and that your house is kept clean. If you have a friend or family member with you, you can also relax and reduce the cost of hiring a pet sitter.

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